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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers


Can I cancel my subscription at anytime?

Of course, we aren’t forcing you to do anything. Your paid subscription can be cancelled anytime and will last until expiration date.

Can I upgrade my Active membership?

Yes, upgrading membership is quick & easy. Please head over to support page and contact us.

Will you renew my subscription automatically?

Yes, your subscription will be automatically renewed according to your pay period. If you don’t want it to you can always cancel your membership and/or disable paypal subscription.

Do you offer any discounts?

Keep an eye on our BHW thread, periodically there will be discounts.

Can I request a refund?

Did we promise something and not deliver? If you have any issues please create a support ticket. If your reason is solid you will be issued refund.

What is Daily Limit?

Daily limit is used only on monthly basic (10) & pro (30) memberships to prevent abuse. Every plugin or theme you download counts as 1, when you reach your limit you won’t be able to download anything until tomorrow.  Auto updates aren’t counted towards your daily limit so you will always be able to keep your plugins fully updated.

What is License Limit?

If you wish to use our Auto Update Plugin you will have to activate it on your website using license(API) key provided upon your registration. Each domain with active plugin is counted towards that limit.  If you switch domain you can always deactivate old one through plugin or account dashboard.

Plugins & Themes

If I purchase subscription will you add products I request

New products are added depending on requests and popularity of them. 

We don’t guarantee anything but we try to please everyone.
Do you deliver license for products?

No, we don’t share license codes because we aren’t allowed to. Files are GPL licensed and we are allowed to share them.

Do I get access to updates?

Single purchase: You get access to all future updates.


Membership: You get access to all files & their future updates as long as your membership is active.
How do I update my plugin/theme

Head over to our auto updater plugin page to learn how our plugin works. 

You can enjoy automatic native wordpress update experience without the need of license keys for products.
How fast do you update products after new version release?

If new version is available we usually post it within few days. 

You can always let us know there is new version available by using Request new version button on product pages.
Plugin or Theme isn't working without license

Most products require license key only for auto updates. But if the developer blocked some/all functions of theme or plugin behind a license key check please contact us and we might be able to help you out. 


Keep in mind that if you single purchase a product that isn’t working and we aren’t able to fix it you will receive full refund.

How can I request new theme/plugin?

Head over to support page and create a ticket. Make sure to check if its already in library before you request it.