Hey guys!

While most of you haven’t encountered any problems with website functionality there were a few unlucky customers that kept running into minor issues with our caching.

This time I decided to scrap the current setup and configure it again from start, paying high attention to every setting and testing the changes myself.

I’m almost completely sure those caching issues are now gone but to be sure I need your feedback, just use the website as you did before and report back anything strange!


If you encounter any of these or similar problems please inform me right away (create a ticket in support center).

If you prove to be helpful in improving the website and user experience we will reward you!


Possible problems:

  • After logging in being redirected back to login page
  • After logging in still not being able to see download buttons even though  you got active membership (being served visitors cache)
  • Seeing someone elses account name in top right part of website where you access your account pages
  • Receiving daily download limit exceeded message even though you only downloaded a few and were nowhere near your membership limit.
  • ETC