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JNews is a theme designed to provide an “all-in-one” solution for every publishing need. With JNews, you can explore endless possibilities in crafting the best fully-functional website. We provide 120+ homepage that perfect for your News site, Magazine site, Blog site, Editorial site and for all kind of publishing website. Also provided automatic import feature to replicate one of the demos you like just by one click.

Customizing your website with JNews is easy & fun. You can lively see the change you made and create a landing page with ease by utilizing Drag and Drop Header Builder, WPBakery Visual Composer & Customizer. We fully integrate all elements of WPBakery Visual Composer, including FrontEnd Visual Composer Editor.

We push our limit to provide you with the easiest way to reach High Score on Google Page Speed. With JNews Speed, it is possible now to reach 100/100 point on Google Page Speed with minimal effort. For the mobile device, JNews fully support Google AMP and Facebook Instant Article that will make your website load faster on all mobile devices.

SEO performance becomes one of our main concern. We show that commitment by utilizing JSON LD which is recommended by Google for the best SEO result. Not only that, we also provide compatibility with many SEO Signal. The deal is to create a platform for your SEO contentís performance fly.

We also provide several ways in which you can generate revenue from JNews. From Advertisement with Google Ads & AdSense, Online Shop with WooCommerce, or you can also use Marketing Affiliate link or referral using JNews Review system. With fully responsive Google AdSense feature that ensure your ads will display properly across on all devices and screen sizes.

As a JNews Customer, you will be granted an exclusive access to Video Documentation right from your backend. Watching video is always a pleasant thing. We believe you will love this service since you donít need to back and forth read long documentation pages. Instead, you can save your time working with your articles & contents.

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JNews v6.5.1
– [PLUGIN] Update JNews – Video v6.0.4

JNews v6.5.0
– [New Demo] Spa & Beauty
– [New Demo] Tutorial
– [New Demo] Angling News
– [New Demo] Personal Planner
– [IMPROVEMENT] Add speed optimization options
– [IMPROVEMENT] Add preloader for JNews – Youtube / Vimeo Playlist element
– [IMPROVEMENT] Add lazyload image for JNews – Youtube / Vimeo Playlist element
– [IMPROVEMENT] Add lazyload image for JNews Image Ad
– [IMPROVEMENT] Optimize attribute data for image
– [IMPROVEMENT] Add an option to force using normal image load on certain block element
– [IMPROVEMENT] Add an option to load analytics script locally
– [IMPROVEMENT] Only load the style and script files when needed
– [IMPROVEMENT] Separate assets for WooCommerce
– [IMPROVEMENT] Separate JavaScript file for Hero Module
– [IMPROVEMENT] Remove unused post class on block module
– [PLUGIN] Update JNews – Essential v6.0.1
– [PLUGIN] Update JNews – Gallery v6.0.1
– [PLUGIN] Update JNews – Autoload Post v6.0.1
– [PLUGIN] Update JNews – Food Recipe v6.0.1
– [PLUGIN] Update JNews – Split v6.0.1
– [PLUGIN] Update JNews – Social Share v6.0.1
– [PLUGIN] Update JNews – Like v6.0.1
– [PLUGIN] Update JNews – AMP v6.0.1
– [PLUGIN] Update JNews – Video v6.0.3



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April 4, 2020


April 4, 2020