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  • Create listicles with images, gifs, self-hosted videos and embeds
  • Popular, hot and trending lists
  • Fancy badges for popular, hot, and trending posts
  • Paginated posts with big, bold navigation
  • Share count visibility threshold – no more “0 shares” messages
  • View count visibility threshold – no more “1 view” messages
  • Comment count visibility threshold – no more “0 comments” messages
  • NSFW posts (Not Safe For Work)
  • Maximize Time on Page with “You may also like”, “More from category” and “Don’t miss” sections

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# NEW – Automatic detection of unused image sizes
# NEW – Free | Paid home filters
# NEW – Option to show|hide “Back to Top” button
# NEW – theme-color meta tag option
# NEW – AdAce plugin: Repeat After X Snax items option
# NEW – AdAce plugin: image ads are now lazy loaded if MediaAce plugin is available
# NEW – AdAce plugin: added “Settings” shortcut to the admin menu
# NEW – WordPress Popular Posts 5.x compatibility
# NEW – WordPress 5.3.2 compatibility
# NEW – WP Bakery plugin upgraded to the latest version 6.1

# Improved – Lazy Loading without jumping content
# Improved – Customizer: preview Logo margins without page refresh
# Improved – Customizer: preview Mobile Logo margins without page refresh
# Improved – Customizer: preview Primary Nav margins without page refresh
# Improved – Customizer: preview Quick Nav margins without page refresh
# Improved – AMP uses mobile logo instead of the default one

# Fixed – Dark Mode: BuddyPress Registration page rendering glitches
# Fixed – Home/Archive Main Collection: rendering glitch of highlighted items without the featured image
# Fixed – ZigZag Template: microdata errors ( integration )
# Fixed – AdAce Links Before Footer: “Simple list” template is empty
# Fixed – BuddyPress Member Profile: View page is empty
# Fixed – BuddyPress Member Profile: Snax Components have wrong icons
# Fixed – WPML: next/prev pagination items
# Fixed – Snax: Link format views counting broken



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  • Quality Checked by Heisenberg

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March 11, 2019


July 21, 2020

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What’s next? you might ask…
here is a rough timeline of what’s going to happen.

01.07.2020 – 05.07.2020
updating all outdated themes and plugins to their newest version & fixing minor bugs discovered on the website.

05.07.2020 – 08.07.2020
Adding new themes and plugins that members requested while I was away

09.07.2020 – 15.07.2020
Testing and implementation of new automatic updates system which will update most of themes and plugin files available on website every 24 hours.

16-07.2020 – 31.07.2020
Adding shopify themes & general improvements on website and browsing experience.

P.S.: If you are one of our members with lifetime license you obviously have no use for this free membership. However with addition of shopify themes which will be accessible only by purchasing special shopify membership I am going to extend that access over to you too for free. More information about it will be provided once they are addded.

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