Amazon Affiliates for WordPress (AAWP) v3.10.1

Increase the value of your affiliate page and your earned commissions!

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Up-to-date informations

Affiliate links will be generated, products, prices and discounts refreshed automatically. You don’t have to take care about this!

Flexible configuration

Functionality and output can be adjusted generally via the plugin settings or individually by enhancing the shortcodes.

Design customizable

Choose between different designs, add custom styles or create new templates in order to adapt the layout of your website.


Core functions of the plugin

Text links

With text links you can issue a specific product name inside your content. Here, the corresponding link and output name are generated automatically. The product name can be overwritten manually.

Single (or multiple) product boxes

Do you want a specific Amazon product to be displayed in a single post or page? With one shortcode you can easily display one or more visually appealing product boxes. Features included in the product boxes are for example: title, description, current availability and prices, discounts and call-to-action buttons.

Bestseller (lists)

With the bestseller lists you can deliver a really strong selling reason to your visitors by listing the best-selling products to a specific product group or keyword. In addition, you have the ability to set the number of products individually: e.g. Top 3, Top 10 etc.

New Releases (lists)

What about attracting your visitor’s attention towards the latest products within a specific product group? Just like the bestseller lists, you have the ability to set the number rankings of the products themselves.

Data fields

By using the so called “fields” you place individual product information (such as the title, description, current price or buy button) anywhere in your posts / pages. These can also be used directly inside your templates files via the provided PHP functions.


In order to integrate items into your sidebar, widgets are available to assist you. Here you can choose between the core functionality listed above. If you need more adjustments, you can alternatively place the shortcodes in a text widget (or Visual Composer) too.

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Version 3.9.6 (27th November 2019)

  • Tweak: Optimized list template teaser text generation and length
  • Fix: Shortcode attribute “link_type” and its values “cart” and “reviews” didn’t work properly after API v5 migration
  • Fix: Setting “add to cart links” didn’t work properly
  • Fix: Setting star-/rating link target “reviews” didn’t work properly
  • WordPress v5.3 compatibility

Version 3.9.5 (8th November 2019)

  • Tweak: Optimized settings “licensing” tab for better usability and troubleshooting
  • Tweak: Shortcode notice for used Browse Node IDs (after Amazon API v5 migration) will now only show up for logged in editors/administrators

Version 3.9.4 (6th November 2019)

  • Tweak: Optimized loading of dependencies in order to avoid conflicts with third party plugins
  • Tweak: Creating and emptying of the plugin’s database tables can now be initiated via the plugin’s support page

Version 3.9.3 (3rd November 2019)

  • Tweak: Optimized loading of dependencies in order to avoid conflicts with third party plugins
  • Tweak: Updated bestseller and new releases widget labels
  • Tweak: Extended error messages shown on the plugin settings “Amazon API” tab
  • Tweak: Extended documentation links on plugin settings “Amazon API” tab
  • Fix: Product search on the comparison tables admin page did not work anymore
  • Fix: “Cannot redeclare GuzzleHttp\Promise\coroutine()”
  • Fix: “Cannot redeclare GuzzleHttp\Promise\queue()”

Version 3.9.2 (30th October 2019)

  • Fix: “Error message: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function GuzzleHttp\Psr7\build_query()”
  • Fix: “Error message: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function Promise\promise_for()”

Version 3.9.1 (30th October 2019)

  • Improvement: Comparison tables saved as “draft” won’t show up on the frontend anymore
  • Fix: “Error message: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function GuzzleHttp\choose_handler()”
  • Fix: “Undefined index: highlight_text in /includes/functions/components/table-builder.php on line 1654”

Version 3.9.0 (29th October 2019)

  • IMPORTANT: AWS API keys no longer work! Please migrate your keys as shown here:
  • New: Amazon Product Advertising API v5 (More details can be found here:
  • WordPress v5.2.4 compatibility


  • Free Support
  • Lifetime Product Updates
  • Lowest Price Guarantee
  • Quality Checked by Heisenberg

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February 11, 2020

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