Forminator Pro


  • Responsive design for sleek forms on any screen size
  • Stop spam with Google ReCAPTCHA integration
  • Super simple drag-and-drop form builder
  • Exactly what you need every time – for short and simple to detailed and complex
  • Collect and track user information and grow your following
  • No wrong answer Facebook-style quizzes
  • Build engaging knowledge tests
  • Interactive polls with real-time results and graphs
  • Over 15 custom field types
  • Hidden fields for automatically collecting user information
  • Customized submission forms
  • Schedule form submission reports to be sent to your inbox


  • Add: Hubspot integration
  • Add: New improved front-end user interface for polls.
  • Add: Settings to style poll chart colors
  • Add: Allow form fields in HTML field
  • Add: reCaptcha v3
  • Improvement: Group settings on Settings page
  • Improvement: Accessibility in condition settings
  • Improvement: Add bulk delete on Poll submissions
  • Improvement: Calculations logic depending on conditions
  • Fix: Compatibility issues with Divi tabs
  • Fix: Prevent applying visibility conditions on same field
  • Fix: Prevent saving IPs on poll submissions when cookies selected
  • Fix: All poll submissions on export have same date & time
  • Fix: Integration modals close without refreshing the list
  • Fix: Required fields are not reset to default when condition not met
  • Fix: Allow only numerical keyboard on mobile for number fields
  • Fix: Prevent negative voting limits for polls
  • Fix: Issues with printing styles on preview
  • Fix: Characters limit does not work with cyrilic
  • Fix: Font weight should be normal instead of regular
  • Fix: Phone verification not working with AJAX load
  • Fix: Submission page filter not working as expected
  • Fix: Shortcode generator does not work in Classic editor

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