Purchased your membership and ready to install our auto updater plugin? Awesome!

1. Head over to auto updates page and click on download button

2. Login to your wordpress admin dashboard and upload .zip file

3. Acivate Heisenberg’s updater by following these steps

If you aren’t sure what is your license key head over to your dashboard

That’s it!

Congratulations, you have successfully installed our plugin, updates & new files are refreshed every 24 hours.

If you have plugin or theme you are trying to update with newer version instead of this

You will see something like this

Please keep in mind that going to wordpress updates page and clicking Check Again button doesn’t work.

Instead our plugin performs a simple check every hour as long as you have an active license.

Heisenberg is back, Click the button for details!


Hello everyone!

As you probably noticed I have been away for a while due to personal reasons I don’t wish to disclose. Good news is that I’m back with few new things, first of them being I’m giving away free membership to everyone. It’s straight forward – click the button below, signup if you don’t have account already or login if you do and confirm your FREE subscription on checkout page. There is no catch, you don’t have to enter any payment details or anything like that. I’m offering this as an apology for being absent for some time.

What’s next? you might ask…
here is a rough timeline of what’s going to happen.

01.07.2020 – 05.07.2020
updating all outdated themes and plugins to their newest version & fixing minor bugs discovered on the website.

05.07.2020 – 08.07.2020
Adding new themes and plugins that members requested while I was away

09.07.2020 – 15.07.2020
Testing and implementation of new automatic updates system which will update most of themes and plugin files available on website every 24 hours.

16-07.2020 – 31.07.2020
Adding shopify themes & general improvements on website and browsing experience.

P.S.: If you are one of our members with lifetime license you obviously have no use for this free membership. However with addition of shopify themes which will be accessible only by purchasing special shopify membership I am going to extend that access over to you too for free. More information about it will be provided once they are addded.

hurry up and grab this deal:

  • Free Premium 3 Months Membership