Heisenberg’s Studio v2


Hey everyone, as you might have noticed the website was closed for the public for a few hours. I’m preparing everything for a huge new update that will make your browsing experience nicer and faster!   The plan was to transfer everything at once that’s needed for the new update but unfortunately, some bugs popped […]

Support Center Remake


As you might have noticed the support center has been upgraded! Version update, contact form & live chat are connected now to each other. Live Chat has been refreshed with some new FAQs added. Keep in mind that the ticket list inside the support center isn’t finished yet, have to code it myself.

Cache Problems Resolved


Hey guys! While most of you haven’t encountered any problems with website functionality there were a few unlucky customers that kept running into minor issues with our caching. This time I decided to scrap the current setup and configure it again from start, paying high attention to every setting and testing the changes myself. I’m […]

Manual Updating

Wp Update

Updating WordPress Plugins & Themes can be totally simplified by using an awesome plugin called “Easy Theme and Plugin Upgrades plugin” (Click to Download) After installing and activating this plugin you will be able to manually update both plugins and themes simply by uploading new version zip file through WordPress Dashboard, same as if you […]

New Login Method


As you might have noticed I’ve changed the way login functions and looks, I’ve went ahead and tested everything as much as I could and didn’t encounter any problems. However it’s still possible for them to happen so if you are unable to login or you can login but still see pages as if you […]

[Resolved] Dropbox 410 Error


We have contacted dropbox support and worked with them to locate the problem. The error shouldn’t happen again, in case it does please go to our Support Page and send us all details + screenshots. Having all information makes it much easier to locate and get rid of problems. Thank you for your continuous support! […]

Heisenberg’s Updater v1.3


v1.3 has been released and you can get it by clicking download button on Auto Updates Page With new version comes bug fixes and some scheduling changes. Plugin will now perform update checks twice a day (every 12 hours) to make sure everything is running more smoothly while still getting updates as soon as possible.

News Section Added


We have finally added a news section where you will be able to keep track of all changes on website. As you might have noticed we are constantly working & improving website, smaller changes that aren’t that important won’t always be published. Everything important will, if you got some feedback and/or comments head over to […]

SPECIAL OFFER: Chat Integration

Have you had the chance to talk to our almost all knowing chat bot? Did you think to yourself: “I wish I had something like this on my website”? Well your wish just came true, and completely free. We have teamed up with Tidio to offer you not only amazing chat software but also complete […]

How to: Use Heisenberg’s Updater Plugin

Purchased your membership and ready to install our auto updater plugin? Awesome! 1. Head over to auto updates page and click on download button 2. Login to your wordpress admin dashboard and upload .zip file 3. Acivate Heisenberg’s updater by following these steps If you aren’t sure what is your license key head over to […]

How to: Import Elementor Pro Templates

Since Elementor Pro is tricky and requires valid license to import demo content we decided to make it easier. You can find all Elementor Pro templates for download here.. Download